Welcome to the CoolBeez genesis collection, the first in a series of collectable utility NFTs from the CoolBeez DAO project. 

CoolBeez NFT collections are the foundation of our multi-game, multi-verse strategy, built around the purchasing of land-NFTs and development of games across the most popular metaverse platforms. 


How does it work?

The COOLBEEZ DAO treasury is used to hold 100% of the proceeds from the sale and royalties of our NFT collections and revenues generated from the development of games and land in the metaverse.

100% of all revenues from the sale and royalties of our NFT collections, and all revenues generated from the community’s metaverse assets are placed into the DAO Treasury. The treasury is used to continually purchase land-NFTs and develop games and gaming partnerships with other projects, as well as provide a minimum level of liquidity to the DAO.

CoolBeez NFTs not only provide you with valuable and unique in-game avatar and free access to all of the CoolBeez metaverse games and those of our gaming partners, but by holding CoolBeez NFTs you will also own a percentage share in the DAO treasury and have a say in the future of the project. This means that not only will your voice be heard as a voting member of the DAO, but from the sellout of the genesis collection alone your percentage share in the DAO would be valued at $30 to $1200 (subject to ETH prices at the time of mint), based on the rarity of your NFT. All this before the project begins land purchases and generating revenue from the community’s investments.

The CoolBeez collections will be amongst the most valuable NFTs of 2022 and beyond. 


Q2 / Q3 2022

Phase 1
Lift off!

Smart contract deployment on the Ethereum blockchain

CoolBeez Pre-sale

CoolBeez Public Sale and NFT reveal

Reward NFT giveaway winners

100% of all revenue from sales sent to DAO treasury multi-sig wallet

Phase 2
Land Grab!

DAO launch and NFT holder onboarding

Land-NFT purchase in TheSandbox. 

Land-NFTs deposited into the DAO. 

SandBox Game 1 development

Phase 3

Decentraland land purchase and leasing

Marketing for TheSandbox game 1

CoolBeez gaming UI released

Community AMA and DAO voting

Phase 4
Building the Community

CoolBeez game 1 launch!

Decentraland land development begins

Gaming partnerships launched

Create Phase 5 2023 Roadmap based on a series of community proposal ballots


A DAO is an automated blockchain-based organization that is self-governed using sets of rules. The organization is made up of individuals who hold the native tokens of the DAO, with each token representing a vote in DAO ballots. 

The CoolBeez DAO has an additional feature called a Treasury. The DAO treasury is a multi-sig crypto currency wallet which holds all of the assets of the DAO. This could be in the form of land-NFTs or any other digital assets of value and ETH liquidity. As the DAO treasury grows in value so does the value of the share percentage represented by the NFT you hold. 

Unlike many other gaming DAOs, the CoolBeez DAO is funded by 100% of all initial NFT sales at mint, royalties from secondary sales and future revenues generated from the DAO assets, such as metaverse land-NFTs and gaming revenue. This ensures that the maximum amount of funds are available for development and further purchases of assets, and creates liquidity to support the NFT value.

The CoolBeez project is focused on creating mulit-game, multi-platform spaces to become one of the leading game providers in the metaverse. 

We take security of your funds very seriously, as such we use a multi-sig 3 of 5, wallet contract, meaning that at least 3 of the 5 signatories need to sign a transaction to withdraw any funds from the DAO Treasury. Withdrawals can be linked to proposals that the community vote on and pass, and the transaction can be automatically sent for signing to the signatories before being submitted to the blockchain.  

In addition to this the minting, DAO and multi-sig smart contracts have been audited by an external 3rd party to ensure any vulnerabilities are identified prior to deploying the smart contracts on the mainnet. All verified smart contracts and audit reports are publicly available for review.  

The public sale floor price is set at 0.075ETH. We have set it at this level to allow easy access to the project by a larger group of people. 

If you are lucky enough to be on our Whitelist the presale price will be lower. 

It’s easy, just join our Discord server and Twitter and enter the regular giveaways. Spots are filling up fast!

There are 4 core characters. Within each of the core characters there are various additional traits that produce rarities within each core character. Each of the core characters also represents a percentage share of the DAO treasury, which upon selling out the genesis collection will give the holders of a CoolBeez NFT a share of the DAO valued at anything from $30 to $1200. A double hit at getting a super-valuable NFT.

There are: 

4800  x OGBeez NFTs

900 x NakedBeez NFTs

280 x QueenBeez NFTs

20 x SoloBeez NFTs

Totaling 6000

The collection will be released for presale at the end of April / early May 2022. The public sale will take place with 24hrs of the presale. 

Full details and bio’s of the team can be found on the ‘About Us‘ channel on our Discord Server.
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